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Bakery Equipment For Sale


We hold a small stock of essential

bakery bits at less than ‘high street’ prices!

Bakery Bits for Sale

Bread scoring Lame/Grignette £20

Banneton Baskets with Liner

Oval   £12           Round     £10            

Silpat Non Stick Mat £10

Flour Shaker £8

Metal Dough Cutter £6

Plastic Scraper £3

Baguette Trays all sizes           £10

Croissant Cutter                       £10

Pizza Stone, stand/cutter £10            

Clip Top Jar £5

Rolling Pin £10

Loaf Tin Liner  £2


shop photo sourdough starter kit

Sourdough Starter Kit £15

Course Attendees - £10


This kit contains everything you need to maintain a mature (1979) starter and to make an authentic, healthy sourdough loaf



100g of mature (1979) wheat fed sourdough starter.

Kilner style sourdough jar

100g freshly milled organic flour, Wheat

100g freshly milled organic flour, Rye or Spelt

Instructions on how to feed, store and maintain a healthy, active starter.

2 easy recipes for creating your own sourdough loafs at home.

Lames for sale (6)

Baker's Lame for Scoring Bread Dough + Pack of  5 Blades £20


Hand Crafted in the New Forest using reclaimed hardwood so each one is individual and may differ sightly from the photos. They come in gift box and are made from mahogany or walnut.

Lames Feb11 (1) Lames Feb11 (5)