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Bakery Bits for Sale

Bread scoring Lame/Grignette £15

Banneton Baskets with Liner

Oval   £12           Round     £10            

Silpat Non Stick Mat £10

Flour Shaker £8

Metal Dough Cutter £6

Plastic Scraper £3

Baguette Trays all sizes           £10

Croissant Cutter                       £10

Pizza Stone, stand/cutter £10            

Clip Top Jar £5

Rolling Pin £10

Loaf Tin Liner  £2


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Lames for sale (6)

Baker's Lame for Scoring Bread Dough + Pack of  5 Blades £15


Hand Crafted in the New Forest using reclaimed hardwood so each one is individual and may differ sightly from the photos. They come in gift box and are made from mahogany or walnut.

Lames boxed (1) Lames boxed (2)

“Scoring” is the word used to describe the cuts made in a loaf of bread before it is baked.


Scoring is generally performed just prior to loading the loaves in the oven.


Intentionally creating a weak spot on the surface of the loaf prevents the loaf from bursting at weak spots created during shaping.


The type of scoring performed controls the direction in which the bread will expand during “oven spring.”

The pattern of cuts made, the angle at which they are made and the depth of the cuts influences the rate of expansion and the formation of an “ear” - a raised flap of crust at the edge of a cut.

The pattern of cuts can create a pleasing visual pattern on the surface of the loaf. While there are some very traditional patterns, for example for baguettes, the baker can use the scoring pattern to identify the type of bread or to create an unique pattern that identifies the loaf as coming from his or her oven. See scoring examples in the photos

The blade used to score bread is often referred to as a lame (pronounced “lahm.”) This is simply a French word with means “blade.”