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Bread Making New Forest


Our bread making courses are taught in a domestic kitchen which you will be able to replicate at home without any specialist equipment. No large classes, max 2 people so very much a 1:1 hands on experience.


Many cooks of all levels believe that successful bread making is difficult, time consuming and sometimes scientific...not necessarily true!

Alan is a classically trained chef who worked in many top class hotels during his early career and will be happy to share his knowledge taking the mystique out of cooking showing you some shortcuts and 'tricks of the trade'.

If you’ve ever wished you could make your own bread, this is a fun, hands on experience focusing on practical skills covering kneading, proofing, shaping and of course....baking!


Alan will guide you through the course in a relaxed, practical method which is dedicated to learning every stage of the artisan baking process, the easy way.

No prior baking experience is necessary; just enthusiasm and a desire to make real bread! Alan will cut through all the theory and just show you an easy and fun way to make some classic breads for you to take home.



Stepping Stones, 1 Sylvan Close, Hordle, Lymington, SO41 0HJ



Bread making in a relaxing setting with

one to one (or 2 max) tuition :-)

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